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Faces of Leadership Scholarship Donation


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The National Junior Hereford Association’s (NJHA) annual Faces of Leadership Conference mission is to empower NJHA members with the skills they need to develop into the best leaders they can be. Through the Faces of Leadership Conference young leaders are exposed to opportunities in the industry and the conference cultivates communication skills, encourages working in team settings and focuses on individual development.

In the past few years, the event has traveled to Montana, California, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Innovation Campus, Michigan State University, South Dakota State University and the Texas Panhandle. From challenging participants to creating entrepreneurial opportunities, amazing ranch tours and up-close looks at the industry at Tyson Foods and Trans Ova Genetics, new doors are being opened and Faces of Leadership participants truly are experiencing leadership as they have never seen it before during this tremendous networking opportunity.

This conference is offered to junior members ages 14-21. Intermediate and senior members will benefit the most from Faces of Leadership.

The 2023 Faces of Leadership Conference will be held in Columbus, Ohio.


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